Find your (not) fairy-tale love

She calmly and boldly goes to meet their own destiny. Meets her, laundered, feeds. And the fate of the evil old woman turns into a good sorceress.

Encrypted recommendation: be sure to accept your fate as it is. For this, resolutely reject the habit of complaining about fate, yearning and grieving because of the fact that some of your expectations have not yet been realized. Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself for a couple of minutes with a calm look, and say aloud: "My Destiny, you are just as beautiful as I am! I accept you, my dear! I know that you will find the way to my happiness, to meet with the beloved. I promise not to disturb you with complaints and reproaches. I give you confidence! "

Repeat the text until you begin to believe in it until you have freedom, peace and inspiration inside you. Do this exercise twice a week.

2. The heroine touches the seeds

Often in fairy tales, the stepmother mixes wheat, millet, poppy, peas and forces the stepdaughter to sort them out, decompose separately.

Encrypted recommendation: perceive a man not only as a potential romantic lover, but also as a bearer of the seed.Start to watch different men and ask yourself: what kind of seed does he carry? Weak or strong? Quality or damaged? Such training will develop in you an intimate female observation and sober intelligibility.

3. The heroine spins the tow, weaves the carpet, knits

These actions symbolize patience, creativity and exact understanding of oneself. Encrypted recommendation: purposefully and creatively know yourself.

Ask yourself two questions: what do I already know about myself? What do not I know about myself yet? Find and write down seven answers to each of the questions. Try to repeat the exercise once a week.

4. Heroines trampling shoes

The king-father checks his sleeping daughters every morning and finds their new shoes worn down. The fact is that the princesses dance at night.

Encrypted recommendation: more dance with your eyes closed! Improvise for any music! Admit the idea that dancing is a symbolic letter to your lover. Every day, dance, write him a message. In it, talk about yourself and invite him into your life. In every dance, tell your lover about yourself something new.

Let simple fairy tips help you in life!

about the author Tatyana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva

Tatyana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva is a doctor of psychology, a storyteller, creator of the method of complex fairytale therapy, the author of many books, including "On the Way of Love. Fairy Floury and the story of the connection of two lonely hearts "(EKSMO, 2016).

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Fairy tale therapy: legend ... about meFairy tale therapy: legend ... about me

In any fairy tale concluded a "good fellows lesson". And the works of this verbal genre not only instruct, teach us, but also cure. The psychotherapist Tatyana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva tells about the method of fairy tale therapy.

Text: Tatiana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva Photo source: Getty Images
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