Five Steps to a Good Relationship with Food

"Step 1 is a protest, not unlike a teenage one. Search for your own identity. Anger against imposed bodily standards under the motto "I have the right to be anything."

Step 2 - there are forces to be proud of yourself and love your body for the benefit that it brings to us. We stop to hide it in shapeless clothes, we want to find tailors, who will sew a dress according to the figure.

Step 3 - understanding the relationship that binds us to food. Food to me who, the enemy? Or the only friend, support and support in days of painful meditation and loneliness? Or food allows you to go beyond your own possibilities: when I want to lie down and sleep for 10 hours, I eat chocolate, drink half a liter of coffee and can continue to work.

Step 4 - by making a diagnosis, we transfer the focus of attention to ourselves. Many people pay attention to the world, it's not bad, but they do not hear themselves at all. I dress, I am dyed, I grow thin, so that others will not think badly of me. The treatment is that we locate the locators in our direction. This is psychologically difficult: how can I stop thinking about how,what will Princess Marya Aleksevna say on social networks? When I start listening to myself, I understand: the body says how much and when I need to eat, it knows when to stop. After all, in many cases I eat from boredom, from grief, from loneliness. And the next task is to solve these problems of emotional regulation not through food, but otherwise.

Step 5 - take care of yourself. This natural desire seems to us as immoral as to enjoy eating. First family, first work, first others! But this is not true. Family and work thrive when I thrive, and I thrive when I have a self-care system. When I start taking care of myself without looking at others, I choose the kinds of sports that I personally like. I will walk, not squeeze the bar! I can do something nice, and I can not do anything and have fun. It is curious that in our culture we can legally do nothing except in the situation when we eat.

Anyone who has sat down to drink coffee with a cake, no one will interfere. And if, for example, we want to meditate for 15 minutes in silence and rest or a flower transplant, this does not cause such respect.Although this is how we take care of ourselves, we are doing ourselves good without overeating. "

Read also "I want what I want and I do not get fat" - it happens?"I want what I want and I do not get fat" - it happens?

Why is the diet - it's humiliating, as well as a few words in favor of intuitive nutrition from a specialist in this field, psychotherapist Svetlana Bronnikova.

The experiment "I eat intuitively": what came of it?The experiment "I eat intuitively": what came of it?

We asked psychologist Svetlana Bronnikova to comment on excerpts from the diary of 30-year-old Julia, who learns intuitive nutrition skills. A lot of notable changes are taking place with her.

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