The interior of the house makes us get fat?

"A pack of cookies, sweet flakes, chocolate, crackers hidden in the kitchen cupboard can undermine any diet," warns dietician Christine M. Palumbo. - One realization that these delicacies are in walking distance makes us want them even more. This is especially dangerous from three in the afternoon to ten or eleven in the evening. At this time our body as if requires a snack and extra calories. " The only way to solve this problem is to get rid of your favorite goodies forever. Does not raise the hand to throw out a full box of cookies? Divide it into portions of 100 grams and imagine that each small bag contains about 300 calories, and this is 40 minutes of the "ellipse" in the gym ... This information will help you to stop at the approach to the treasured locker.

2. The bedroom is too light

Scientists from Oxford University have established a link between the quality of night sleep and overweight. It turns out that people who sleep in a completely dark room, 21% reduced the risk of obesity. But those who do not pull up the curtains (especially if the windows look out on the megalopolis shining by the lights), on the contrary, are prone to a set of extra kilograms.The lighter in the bedroom, the worse our body produces a sleep hormone - melatonin. So, the quality of sleep deteriorates sharply, which leads to problems with excess weight. Common situation? Get tight curtains or opaque blinds.

3. The bedroom has more than one gadget

Try not to sit in bed with a laptop and tablet. Better yet, leave them outside the bedroom. The blue light that emits the screens of these devices disrupts the production of the melatonin sleep hormone. If you keep in a room, for example, one phone, you increase the risk of obesity by 1.47 times, and if there are three devices on the bedside table - 2.57 times.

4. Dishes of the wrong color

It turns out that the color of the dish directly affects the amount of what we put into it. Researchers at Cornell University (USA) conducted an experiment: they suggested that people eat alfredo pasta from white and red plates. Those who chose white dishes, imposed themselves 22% more spaghetti than the owners of red plates. The stronger the contrast between the color of food and dishes, the smaller the portion.

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5.Storage of fruit in the refrigerator

If you clean useful food in a closet or refrigerator, the chances of eating it are reduced. Since the fruit does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, do not rush to remove them from the eyes! Take a large, beautiful plate and put in it juicy grapefruits, apples, oranges and pears. If these tempting and useful treats are in sight, you will forget about cookies and sweets.

6. Lack of morning light

If we do not get enough sleep, the feeling of hunger makes us want fatty and harmful food. And it only gets worse if the bedroom is too dark in the morning. Without the proper portion of light after awakening in our body, the level of the leptin hormone responsible for the feeling of satiety decreases. Get yourself a habit of pulling the curtains on the windows first, and if it's still dark in the street - turn on the light, and not be satisfied with the light of a night lamp or floor lamp.

7. There are too many TVs in the house

The apartment is just one TV. Moreover, nutritionists do not recommend putting it in the kitchen - this provokes us to spend more time there. And, as a result, more and more often there is. Not to mention the fact that the more we watch TV, the less we move.A working TV as a background is an unfortunate solution. It's better to study the program and look only at what you can not do without.

8. Too cozy living room

If the living room is a large comfortable sofa with a dozen pillows and blankets, a soft carpet is laid out and a large TV set is placed, this can harm not only the figure, but also health. In such an interior, right after dinner, they lie down on the sofa and stand up just to get into bed! If we reduce the number of movements to a minimum, the risk of diabetes and obesity will be high.

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Text: Prepared by Anna Muradova
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