Stephen Fry: "Once the sun comes out again"

I found that you can alleviate the situation if you start thinking about your feelings and moods as a weather.

Here are a few all known facts about the weather:

  • It exists in reality.
  • You can not change it, wanting it to disappear.
  • If the window is now dark and rainy, it means that the truth is dark and rainy, and you can not change it.
  • Darkness and rain can last two weeks in a row.


  • Once again, the sun will look out.
  • No one can decide when the sunny weather will return, but it will return.
  • Once, on a wonderful day.
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I think the same is true of our mood. It is wrong to consider our feelings as an illusion that does not reflect the real state of affairs. They are real. Depression, anxiety, apathy and stupor are just as real as the weather outside the window - and we are NOT so disgusted. Its not our fault.


They will pass; the truth will pass.

Just as we take bad weather outside the window, we should accept that sometimes life is seen in a gloomy light. "Today was a rotten day" - that's an ideally realistic approach. The main thing is not to forget to open the umbrella mentally."So-so, it began to rain inside ... well, all right, that's not my fault. I can not help it, just wait. And tomorrow, maybe the sun will return, and when it comes back, I will enjoy it in full. "

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I do not know if you need anything from all this. Perhaps you will decide that you do not, and then I apologize. I just decided to drop a line to you to wish you a good journey in your search - to find at least a little more joy and meaning in life.


Stephen Fry. "

For more details, see the website Letters of Note.

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Stephen Fry is an actor, writer, TV and radio presenter, documentary filmmaker, educator, scholar, man-orchestra and national treasure of the United Kingdom.

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Depression, sadness, apathy ... Perhaps we just do not have enough sun. And if the cause is deeper? Depression can not be underestimated: it can take months and even years of life for us to take longer.

Text: Prepared by Ksenia Tatarnikova
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