A little happy life

"I was sunk into the soul of the words of one person whom the journalist asked to show the most expensive thing in his life. Excited and proud, he responded by taking out a battered tin bowler that he kept, gently wrapped in a soft cloth, as if it were something fragile. A confused journalist asked him why a dull, dilapidated bowler was of the greatest value to him. "Because he carries a message," he replied. "The message is that we do not have to shine all as one."

His words helped me internally to free myself - there is no need to engage in life with something prestigious and important, for which I will reap praise and feel realized. The meaning of life for me in another. I always wanted to be kind, naturally, effortlessly, how to breathe. I wanted to raise children who will be kind. Perhaps the goal of life is not at all that you must have a goal. Everywhere around us, there are seemingly insignificant events that, if we look closely, give us the opportunity to show kindness and generosity. We are growing spiritually and emotionally with such microscopic steps. "

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2. "My goal is to remain a man"

"I was one of those whose goal in life is clearly defined and understandable. My goal is to heal the sick and save lives. But in the end, I lost myself. Now I just want to remain a person, a person. I can answer your phone call and say thirty minutes, because you are having a hard time. I can do it today and again in a few days, as long as I need it. I can listen to your complaints to a colleague. I can look into your eyes and give you a couple of dollars near the parking lot. I'm not upset if you cry. I no longer drown in your grief, so I can help you to come to the surface and support you - as long as you do not find other people to help, or another way to go further. Helping others no longer rips off my skin, I do not fade. It's easy for me to help. "

3. "Small decisions in life are more important than big ones"

"I came to the conclusion that the so-called" big solutions "at the output have much less impact on our life as a whole than a billion small, seemingly unimportant decisions. I have always admired single-minded, persistent, successful, determined personalities. They translate dreams into reality, push the world forward, think and act in a big way.But for myself, I always wanted to write the purpose of life in a smaller font. And I'm happy with how I live. I have an amazing wife, five children, a number of friends whom I met back in school, in the army, the institute, friends-neighbors and the most wonderful thing in life - horses, dogs and cats. For forty years now, I have been holding a small business and managing them according to the principle that I call "Christian capitalism".

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"I am 85 years old, and I feel the question of the meaning of life particularly acute. The Second World War and life in general taught me that the consequences of our actions or inaction are often completely unpredictable and accidental. I am grateful that I live. I feel responsible to myself and others to live every day meaningfully. I enjoy communicating with my family (true, not with everyone) and the ever decreasing number of old friends. My garden helps me stay in the stream of life. Last winter turned out to be harsh in our lands, and many plants died, but to my surprise, roses and clematis survived. They rose again, like greens, spinach and tomatoes in the new greenhouse.Cherry tree in front of the house under the weight of the lived years. I need to have time to plant a new tree this year. "

Of course, not everyone agrees with such a scale of goals - "small" life is not suitable for everyone. But there is something unspeakably beautiful, lasting, earthly and correct in cultivating a small garden.

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Text: Ksenia Tatarnikova
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