Why do we go this way?

"I've been driving for more than 20 years. When I started to drive, it was a mixture of horror and delight. It was scary that I could not manage the administration, I would fly somewhere, I would be beaten by a car or I would knock someone. And I was delighted that I was sitting and moving at the same time, I easily manage this machine ... Then there was a dependence: I drive by car always and everywhere. It protects me from the weather, from the crowd, from the need to carry weights. I can listen to the music I love, and in general I feel good in the car ...

We drive the way we live. If on the street, in the transport we are ready to pass, attentive and attentive, we will also behave on the road. I, for example, leave a long distance in front of me, and it's easy to cut me. I try to miss others, I see people (cars) on the right and left. And in order to suddenly start to behave aggressively, I need to somehow specifically agree with myself - this happens when I'm too hasty.

During the movement, the driver and the car become a single whole, and it turns out that the car is me, and other machines are other people. And on the road between these "centaurs" - man-machines - there is constant communication. In the flow of machines obey the laws of the crowd. A very dense stream (without standing traffic jams) is a realm of stress.The "wolf" laws begin to operate there. The bigger the car, the bolder it is. Caught - you will be punished. If someone goes slower than the flow, he is an idiot, he is despised and popularly explained to him ... As in the crowd, in the stream we become vicious and aggressive. To keep the dignity and behave correctly, few - usually those who are very good leads, professionals who have learned not to identify themselves with the crowd, like surgeons who know how not to die with each patient.

It's another matter, when everything has risen - because of the repair of the road, an accident or a blockage of travel for dignitaries. Drivers in these situations become more solid, as they have a common external enemy. Machines begin to move through one, let those who must wedge into the stream, respond to requests, signals. That is, we try to behave nobly, like people who respect other people. "

Syndrome of loneliness.

"It is difficult for beginners to be left alone with the road. My husband first went with me. When he could not, I planted a dog. So it was easier for me. "

Hooligans are driving.

"There is an opinion that a woman at the wheel is a disaster.In my opinion, much more dangerous at the wheel of hooligans. I regularly see people with iPads who read or write something, talk without hands-free, dial messages, arrange races ... That's terrible, that's what you need to punish. "

Say thanks.

"It's natural for Europeans to thank and agree: they have always been compelled to do this, they have a small territory on which to live. And the Russians have never had such a thing: they did not like something - they took it and moved, there are a lot of land. This feature has been preserved in our minds as well. Although to thank, to blink with an emergency, to raise your hand - all these are wonderful signs of attention. I had an idea to make a running line on the back window, which would all soothe, like "dear fellow travelers ..."

ANNA VARGA, board member of the Society of Family Consultants and Psychotherapists.

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