Pedestrian and his motorists

Resign, I say to myself, a pedestrian is doomed: it is he who will look for his friend-driver. This seems strange only at first glance. Ask why the person on the wheels just can not pass this divided quarter, it's pointless. Everything is obvious: there is no turning, there is nowhere to park, but to quit the car and walk is unthinkable - who leaves the car unattended? And suddenly the tow truck? But nothing threatens me. I can go where I want, no one will take my legs and carry them to the parking lot. I should rejoice, but for some reason, instead of feeling superior I feel anguish and irritation.
Another wonderful thing is a navigator. The driver is not responsible for anything. "The navigator told me that I will finish in 15 minutes." Navigator and blame that the road was three times longer. The case of a waiting pedestrian is to take care of yourself, quickly understand what his interlocutor does not know at the wheel: the navigator is not a superior force, he is not omniscient. So, maybe it's better to take a cozy place in the nearest cafe, and not to stumble on the street in the designated place, taking on the promise of the promise of a mechanical voice.Of course, there is a chance that they will hardly bring us a foamed cappuccino, we will hear a friend call: "Where are you? Come faster, here parking is forbidden! "But the freedom of choice is ours: if you want - frantically pay for the unfertilized coffee, and if you want - so stand the meerkat at the road, peer into the stream of cars.

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Separately about traffic jams. "I'm standing in traffic" - a magic phrase that justifies any delay at any time. Traffic jams are a fierce and unpredictable element, and in human power to oppose it only with unbending will and perseverance. This causes respect. He who overcomes the traffic jam is a winner and can not be tried. A pedestrian is able to calculate his step forward - 5 km / h, it's still in the school textbook of mathematics written. So all his tardiness is pure sloppiness and lack of character.
Previously, I was simply rejoicing when another friend of mine, a friend or friend of both sexes, got behind the wheel: a new skill, new opportunities. Now I'm thinking more and more. We have to find ourselves in different worlds and speak different languages. I will be near the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 goda", and when he / she says: "I'm at Zvenigorodsky", I do not understand that it's five minutes from me.But do not interrupt the same acquaintance due to self-driving? There is, of course, a way out - and many people advise me - to get in the driver's seat. But I live next to the metro and appreciate its reliability and predictability ... that is, in the city I absolutely do not need a car, like a headache with expensive gasoline, unforeseen repairs, fines and the like. And for the city I have friends-motorists. They wait patiently until I get my belongings to the place near my house, where it's more convenient for them to stop, and then we go together, and I'm blissful and passive as long as they control the situation and are responsible for our common security. And I serenely admire the fields and forests that are unlikely to please me, I look at them through the window of an electric train ... All this I will surely remind myself the next time I will walk along the broken streets to get to the car that is from me in five minutes ... drive.

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