I'm afraid to take the driver's license examination

"How to imagine myself driving: so much to remember! Steering wheel, gas, brake, a lot of rules ... I just barely breathe when I think about it, - confesses 44-year-old Alexander. - Maybe I should not take the right. Suddenly, I will be a bad driver, a threat to others on the road? "But Alexander is a man with a higher education, an experienced archivist, a mother of three, knows and knows a lot. So why does she, like many of her comrades in misfortune, feel that she can not surrender to the rights?

I avoid possible failures. Driving license does not get without an exam, even two: first you need to pass the theory (traffic rules), then driving. But the very thought of this is of concern to many, it "awakens in us the fear of failure associated with examinations," explains psychoanalyst Virginie Megglé. Anxiety of this kind is often combined with a heightened sense of responsibility, which is characteristic of those who are used to taking care of others.

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I draw a catastrophic scenario. In every possible way to evade the receipt of a driver's license,whose imagination is filled with frightening thoughts: "I can not manage the management", "I risk becoming the culprit of the accident" ... "The car that we do not have yet becomes the object of our fantasies, and we can unconsciously project on him thoughts of death" psychoanalyst.

It's hard for me to grow up. The inability to drive drives us into a dependent position. "It's often a sign that it's hard for us to grow up," Virgini Meggle continues. - The fear of losing all the advantages of childhood is stronger than the natural desire to gain independence. It happens that parents, not realizing this problem, insist that their child surrender to the rights, thereby reinforcing his inner protest. " And then instead of driving the car ourselves, we prefer to depend on who will give us a lift if necessary.

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Galina, 34 years old, nurse

"When my mother was nervous, I was very risky, even if my brother and I were sitting in the backseat. And she often told me that I was not fit for anything. It took me many years to overcome my fear and decide to drive. I asked my husband to teach me how to drive.I was more comfortable with him than with the driving instructor. I told myself that my mother was wrong and that I would succeed. And it turned out: after six months of training, I got a driver's license on the first attempt. "

What to do Move forward in stages

Divide the receipt of the driver's license for individual segments (enroll in courses, buy a collection of tickets ...). And continue to shorten these segments until the task on each of them does not seem feasible (enroll in the courses: first find the nearest to the house, then dial the number and negotiate ...). Enjoy what you are already doing, and improve what can be improved through training. And do not consider getting rights the end of the path: after all, you will learn further.

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Constantly thinking about the failures in the future ("I'm going to get traffic rules", "I'll mix the gas with the brake" ...), we lose touch with the present. To restore it, switch to immediate experiences ("No danger threatens me during the lesson or in this stationary machine"), do not look too far into the future and do not miss the chance to rejoice in the present.

Approve your choice

To surrender to the rights is not to become like everyone else. If you reject driving as behavior involving danger or cruelty, consider that the choice of driving style depends only on you. If you wish, you can take any precautions: for example, to drive only during the day and not to exceed the speed limit.

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Many of those who sit behind the wheel, you can not just quote further. As if some dark mechanisms are included in us together with the turn of the key in the ignition lock. Whence this madness of emotions and deeds?

Pedestrian and his motoristsPedestrian and his motorists

Even the best friends sometimes find it difficult to understand each other - especially if one is a driver and another is a pedestrian. All the time it turns out that they see the world from different angles.

Text: Elsa Lestwickaya Photo source: Getty Images
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