Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures

Movement is life. And sex is pleasure. If you combine, life will be a pleasure. Ekaterina Lyubimova did so. It's one thing to work in the gym with weights and iron, and quite another - to arrange an incendiary intensive workout at home at night. This and training is not called! But the effect appears very soon. As in any case, if you do it with pleasure. You just have to follow several principles.

The most favorable time when weight goes away is easier, and the body at this time is not stocked up with fat in case of pregnancy, from the end of menstruation to ovulation. If you want to lose weight, at this time you need to load yourself to the maximum.

Use the principle of intensive training to work out all muscle groups: without limiting one or two poses, go to the third, fourth, fifth; the average is 5-6.

Alternate 3-4 minutes of active movements and statics for 1 minute - at this time you need to hold a pose, straining your muscles, - the partner sails here.

To get the maximum effect, in each pose, "train" in 4 stages: the movement with the maximum amplitude, with an amplitude of three quarters, then with a small amplitude and in the ending - the static voltage.So in bodybuilding the muscle mass is pumped up and the relief appears.

Continue the "lesson" for at least 30-40 minutes - the fat burning begins only after 20-30 minutes of intensive training.

Do not forget about the regularity. Ideally, arrange this "training" every day for 1.2-2 months (of course, taking into account natural breaks).

Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures PHOTOS Ignat Osokin "The Rider"

In this position, the muscles of the thighs and buttocks work very well. In sports, the muscle becomes embossed when it is pumped with four different amplitudes of motion: first with a maximum amplitude, then moving three quarters, then with the smallest amplitude, almost 5 degrees, and then it should be frozen in a statics with the most strained muscles. In our case, this movement of the pelvis up and down, with the most strained muscles of the hips. When the pelvis moves upwards during inspiration, we squeeze the muscles of the buttocks and the pelvic floor as much as possible, on exhalation - we fall down and relax. So we continue about 4-5 minutes.

Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures A more complex version of this pose is the "Asian Rider"

Immediately after the "Rider" pose, we move to the "Asian Rider". To do this, first take out the right foot and put it on the floor.The movements in this position are reminiscent of the movement of the wasp when it shakes the belly. Then we take forward and the left leg and we are above the partner squatting - in this position it is already more difficult to move. But this means that we are now swinging the muscles, which before that just "slept." After all, we mainly involve the muscles of the thighs and buttocks at the usual angle - when walking, and for relief we need a complete muscle training, maximum flexion-extension in the amplitude that is conceived by nature.

Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures "Frog on the contrary"

When you feel tired, bend your knees and lean back with an emphasis on your arms, arching like a bow. So we include biceps and triceps into the work - often these places give out the age of the woman. A woman who in sex is generous with fictions and is capable of such "acrobatic numbers" will never have flabby hands. Hold this pose in a static for about a minute, straining the muscles of your back, thighs and arms. The man at this time will not be idle and, of course, will seize the initiative.

Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures Spider Woman

Take your feet forward, so that you rest your feet on the floor near the partner's shoulders, lift the pelvis and move, leaning only on your hands and feet.Without physical training, this is not so easy to do. So at the same time it is a test for endurance. If you hold out for a few minutes - well. At the end of the exercise, we exit into the back bridge and stand there for about a minute, straining the muscles of the back, the press, hands and feet.

Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures "Live weight"

This pose is perfect for working on the lower press. Do not forget that here, as in any other position, you can show imagination - for example, to cross his legs at the ankles (if a man will experience tighter embrace), abut he kicked in the chest and repel - probably all seen how the pump feet on the Strength Training . Here you work with the live weight of the partner, and the more this weight, the better you pump both the press and the hips.

Sex Slimming: The 5 most useful postures "Rider on a chair"

The pose on the chair is also my favorite! In general, I like all the poses. Each of them has its own peculiarity. Here you finally met with your partner close, eyes in your eyes, and you can hug him. And of course, in this pose there is room for working out the muscle-stabilizers, which help us to maintain balance. In fitness, they are taught in the classroom pilates and functional training. And here you can deviate as much as you want, rotate, screw up, change the force of pressure and push it with all your weight.

After a month of such activities, you will notice that exercises in the gym have become easier for you, and poses in sex have been added. And most importantly, even if you lose weight, you do not want to stop this sex workout!

Ekaterina Lyubimova - sex-coach, author of the training "Sex for weight loss."

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