Eight ways to lose weight for very busy people

In a typical latte or cappuccino with syrup and milk contains from 80 to 100 calories, and in the classic freshly brewed black coffee - 0 calories. If you drink two cups of latte per day, you can gain six kilograms per year! So if you want coffee, please. But no additives and sweeteners.

5 seconds: Breathe in full

The smell of fresh green apples, bananas and ripe pears will help to moderate appetite, and also to suppress the desire to eat something sweet. And all because historically our body is more inclined to consume natural fruits than artificial sugar. By the way, do not necessarily breathe the smell of fruit: the smell of hand cream with a fruity aroma is also suitable. It's easy to keep on the desktop.

15 seconds: imagine a pack of chocolates

Presenting food, we less want to eat it. The researchers asked people to imagine how they eat 30 chocolate candies, and then offered them the same candy. None of the participants could not eat much. Therefore, if you want unbearably sweet (salty, roasted) - just imagine how you are already eating it. The desire will disappear or diminish.

60 seconds: schedule meetings in the sports club

In the afternoon, you need to have time for training, for two working meetings and for coffee with a friend. If there is not enough time, try to make a friendly meeting right at the gym. Nothing motivates you as much as pair training.

Eight ways to lose weight for very busy people 75 seconds: buy frozen vegetables instead of canned

With the conservation of vitamins from the group B vitamins disappear and 95% of vitamin C. disappear. And frozen vegetables, on the contrary, retain all the useful properties and taste qualities.

100 seconds: buy fruit with bone

That is, plums, peaches, nectarines. They help to get rid of fat on the stomach, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes. Try to eat them in the morning - for breakfast. Or replace them with snacks throughout the day.

2 minutes: have a snack before dinner

This may sound strange, but if you go out with your friends to have dinner, you will eat an apple or drink a cup of low-fat broth, the amount of calories consumed for dinner will decrease by 20%! With the standard "weight" of a restaurant dinner at 1128 calories, a year you can gain about 10 kg if you go there every week.

10 minutes: prefer a hearty dish of beef

A perfect recipe for a busy weekend, when you have a lot to do. In a cast-iron pan, heat one teaspoon of vegetable oil, and then fry in it a half kilogram of beef. While the meat will be fried - it takes 10 minutes - cut the onion and a kilogram of mushrooms, then reduce the heat to a minimum and add them to the meat.

Then add two tablespoons of wine vinegar, a tablespoon of Worchester sauce, a bay leaf and 330 ml of dark beer. Cover and do your own thing for six hours. After this time you will have a fragrant and delicious dinner ready - and only 345 calories per serving!

Online course Psychologies: "When food is your friend"

Specially for Psychologies readers, an expert in the field of psychology of eating behavior and overweight correction with practical experience over 15 years Anastasia Tomilova will hold a 4-week online course "Eat consciously: when food is your friend". You will learn how to build relationships with food, create a delicious menu, understand how to stop overeating and get rid of debilitating diets. The program starts on January 16. Detailed information and registration by reference.

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Anna Ostri, author of "Simple and easy recipes of the former bbw", lost three pounds in 35 kg. And it maintains the optimal weight for 18 years, without exhausting itself with prohibitions and restrictions.

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Text: Prepared by Anna Muradova Photo source: Getty Images
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