10 life tips from your ... cat

1. I love you, but I love myself more. Love yourself. Sleep as much as you need, eat during the day for a little bit and do only those things that interest you. Set high standards for yourself and stick to them, as if there are simply no other options. Make your interests priority - physical, emotional and spiritual. When you are healthy in all these senses, the world will be full of opportunities for you.

2. Accept gifts and value good intentions. I'll sometimes bring you a half-dead mouse or a bird. This is a gift. If this is not the gift that you would like, know - I give it to you, because I love you. The world is full of gifts. Notice them, look for them and value those who gave them to you, no matter whether it's a cat or another lower animal (that is, all who are not cats), a person or the universe itself.

Go where you want to go in life, and do not be afraid. You always find your way home.

3. Focus on what you really want, and be persistent until you get it. The option "no" does not exist. I am hungry. You will get out of your bed and feed me, otherwise I'll quietly trample around, stepping on the edges of your pillow and your hair. I will decorate the floor around the tray if the filler in it has lost its freshness.The tray must be cleaned and a new filler must be poured. I like to sit on the balcony and watch the sun rise, and I know that you will get up and do everything necessary for this to happen. Do the necessary work in order to get what you need, and involve others in it so that they help you.

4. Teach others how to treat you. Show them the role model and gently, but persistently cut off unwanted displays. I would like you to stroke me right now, so I come and jump to your knees. If you got up and went somewhere, I'll follow you and continue. You will see that I am the very charm. Okay, now that's enough for me, and so that you understand this, I gently slip out of your hands or slightly bite your palm if you keep me. And please, do not try to pet me when I'm not in the mood.

10 life tips from your ... cat

5. Behave like a king. Be sure of yourself, even if you have some inside doubts about it. If you do this for a long time, your brain will believe it! Kings do not fuss, so do not bother me with farcical jokes and games that are below my dignity, can contaminate my fur and drive me into stress. If I do something, then it's good for me.And now I look at you from above, sitting above you on a bookshelf. As it should be.

6. Appearance matters. Smoothly pack your fur and wear beautiful accessories. Unlike the dog, which you do not wear, she will be happy, animals of my kind pay attention to the cleanliness of the collar. My collar should reflect my personality. Simple, but elegant, or with a light touch of bohemian chic. Whether you like it or not, your appearance shows the whole world what you feel about yourself, how you evaluate yourself. Even if you perfectly speak, and your fur spiky and accessories do not shine, you undermine your royal dignity.

Do not focus on the fact that you fell, think about standing on your feet after falling

7. Be independent. I rely on you for food and water, because I'm in your house, but mostly I rely on myself. I know that only I behave through these days and I am responsible for my happiness. I love company, but also loneliness too. I am responsible for my mood, emotions and needs.

8. Respect my borders. I will bite you or at least speak with a concrete and protracted protest, if you tear me from sleep, take away my toy from me, bring a dog to our house, or somehow violate the world around me.And also do not bring here another cat. Me is quite enough. I need all your attention and time. Please bring so many fish and birds to our house as much as you want. Respect for me and our shared environment will make your life easier, and I'm happier. I do not need much, but I like being treated with respect.

I do not analyze why I fell. I just think: "I fell. Forward, to new adventures! "

9. Walk through fear. Climb to the tallest trees, even if you do not know how to get out of there. Go where you want to go in life, and do not be afraid. You always find your way home, even if you do not know how to do it when you go for a walk. To be paralyzed by fear is for animals that have less brains than you or me.

10. Keep moving forward. You will land on all four paws, if you fall, and then pretend that it was intended. Do not focus on the fact that you fell, think about the fact that you stand on your feet after the fall. We all fall sometimes. Get up and go on. I do not analyze why I fell (because I do not know how!), I do not make generalizations such as "I can not do this" or "it always happens to me". I think simply: "I fell. Forward, to new adventures! ".

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More sincerity and creativity, less reckless acts and egocentrism ... Children induce us - sometimes against our desire - to re-discover ourselves and show the best that exists in us. I'll take a closer look: we can learn a lot from our children.

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Text: Maria Malygina
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