Visit the black lady: the best books about depression

What is the meaning of my depression? What does my anger say? What do I really mourn over the loss? Philosopher and Jungian analyst James Hollis analyzes the deep spiritual experiences and comes to the conclusion that it is in them that the human soul forms and grows stronger. After all, we face not only the hardships of life, but also its dignity, and its deepest meaning. Our task is to "survive" these states, without suppressing them and not projecting the pain associated with them to others. Such inner work is a prerequisite for not only healing, but also the onset of maturity. (Kogito Center, 2010).

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Julia Kristeva, a French psychoanalyst, philosopher, linguist, reflects on melancholy. About that bottomless sadness and pain that swallow us whole, forcing us to lose our taste for any action, for life itself. "Where does this black sun rise from melancholy and depression?" Asks the author. Mental traumas - love or professional failure, grief, happened to close people,- all this often turns out to be only a trigger of inner despair, which at the very depths of the psyche feeds on the lost and unconscious loss of the beloved object, which most often is the omnipotent mother of our early childhood. Melancholy is the most severe form of depression, it is an experience comparable to the depths of hell. But only with the realization of the loss, which opens to each of us the real presence of death in our life, we are born and develop as individuals. (Kogito Center, 2010)

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Depression is the most common disorder of the psyche. It is familiar to about 30% of adult men and women. And small children do not have depression. Although they can grieve and be sad. Why is that? Because they have a "good relationship" with life itself, "says Existential psychotherapist Alfried Langle. Depression occurs when an experience of the value of life is unavailable to a person. Langle contrasts the frozen state of depression with sadness, which is an active experience.Sadness helps to move depression from the "dead point" and overcome it. Under one cover, three articles about different aspects of psychotherapy in case of depression are collected. (Genesis, 2010).

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Outstanding neuroscientist and psychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber recognized: the arsenal of combating stress and depression is not limited to tablets and couch psychoanalyst. And if some method of treatment gives a result, but can not be explained by science, then this is the reason to study it again and again, and not to reject it as superstition. In fact, that's exactly what happens: the methods that Servan-Schreiber used in his practice since the early 1990s are finding more and more scientific evidence. Optimization of the heart rhythm, desensitization with the help of eye movements, synchronization of biological rhythms, acupuncture, proper nutrition, regular exercise and techniques of "affective communication" - these seven methods described in the book will allow you to establish interaction with the emotional brain without medication and psychotherapy.(Ripol Classic, 2012).

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The main reason for the depression American psychotherapist Michael Yapko sees in broken social ties. Egoism, self-isolation, aggressive rejection of others - all these features typical of the modern society lead to depression, and they must be abandoned if we do not want to become members of a large depressed community. Those who met with betrayal or resentment, were deceived in their expectations, removed from others. This behavior seems natural. But "some people suffering from depression are so self-confident that they are proud of their illness and consider it noble." In this case, it is difficult to expect a quick recovery. For the prevention and treatment of depression, the author suggests ways that you probably heard аbout: to establish a dream, to stop scrolling in my head sad thoughts, to give up magical thinking, to change those beliefs that prevent us from living, to show tolerance and goodwill. And in each case, the author not only gives advice, but also answers the question "How exactly is this done?" (Peter, 2013).

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Having lost the child, the Israeli writer Simona Matsliyah-Hanoch tried to overcome, to erase this loss from life, but as a result she met with severe depression. Her recovery began only when she ceased to deceive herself and realized how important the process of mourning. Gradually she began to recall tales and myths in which the ancient female experience of those heroines who, like herself, experienced a temporary death and returned from non-existence in a new quality is embodied. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty ... They helped the author to look at depression as a process that has important healing potential. (Cogito Center, 2014).

What is wrong with modern fairy tales? 7. "Teenage Depression: Why do so many children find themselves in this state and what should parents do, so that it does not end in tragedy?" Douglas Riley Teenage Depression

"I'm the worst of all", "I'm not fit for anything" "I can not live without this person", "I think I'm going crazy" ... - The author, an American clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, "translated" for us those inner experiences ,which the child is unable to express clearly and convincingly - in words and therefore communicates them about his behavior, changes in activity, deterioration of health, refusal to communicate and close relationships. Douglas Riley tells how the child's psyche is damaged, and most importantly - offers proven ways to solve this acute problem. (Rama Publishing, 2014).

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Stephen Fry is an actor, writer, television and radio presenter, documentary filmmaker, civil rights activist, educator, scholar, man-orchestra. Bright quotes from his books and interviews.

The world's first blood test for depressionThe world's first blood test for depression

Sensational development of American psychiatrists is the first blood test in the world that will allow to diagnose depression and even suggest how to better treat it.

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