How to train yourself to a healthy diet? 5 scientific ways

This rapid distraction technique has a significant effect on appetite and cravings for snacks caused by stress. You only need to press your finger on the forehead for 30 seconds. "When we feel stress, eating is one of the fastest ways to feel relief. It acts as a sedative, "says Jessica Ortner, author of" The Technique of Emotional Freedom for Weight Loss and Confidence in Your Body. " Therefore, reduce the hunger helps a technique to relieve stress, based on the use of biologically active points on the human body.

J. Ortner, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman's Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More, Hay House, May 13, 2014.

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To deceive the desire to buy the most caloric dessert in the restaurant will help the smell of fruit. According to a study by French psychologists published in the magazine Appetite, subjects who inhaled the aroma of a pear or melon for 15 minutes subsequently chose a low-calorie fruit dessert rather than chocolate (unlike the participants in the experiment who did not smell fruit before making a choice ).

M.Gaillet-Torrent et al. "Impact of a non-attentively perceived odour on subsequent food choices", Appetite Journal, January 2014.

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To cope with the desire to eat chocolate (or other illicit sweetness), there is not necessarily a whole tile. This was reported after his research by Brian Wansink *, author of "Slim By Design" ** and director of the Cornwall Lab Food and Brand Lab. In his opinion, one or two small pieces can satisfy the desire to eat sweetness and will not affect the diet.

"The majority of those who could be satisfied with one quarter of their portion, eat everything - to excessive saturation," - says Brian. The trick of his method is to eat only a small part, and remove the rest from the field of vision. After 15 minutes from the desire to eat everything else will not become a trace ***.

"The principle of a small piece" works not only with sweet, but with the main dishes. Try to finely chop large chunks and share large portions of high-calorie food - take an example from restaurants. By the way, cutting into small pieces is an effective way of self-deception: it seems that there is more food on the plate than it really is.

* B. Wansink, P. Chandon "Slim by Design: Redirecting the Accidental Drivers of Mindless Overating", Journal of Consumer Psychology, March 2014. ** B. Wansink "Slim by Design. Mindless Eating Solutions For Everyday Life, Harper Collins Publishers, September 2014. *** R.Grumman Bender, "7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Trick Yourself Into Eating Healthier", Yahoo Health, November 2014.

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Once you see the advertising of high-calorie food, switch the channel, flip the page or just get distracted. "Images of high-calorie foods cause our appetite and desire to eat them," explains Kathleen Page, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, USA. - It's very hard to resist the desire to eat fatty foods shown in advertising, so you need to find a way to avoid contact with advertising, for example, to move away from the TV during commercial breaks. "

Sh. Luo et al. "Abdominal fat is associated with a greater brain reward to high-calorie food cues in Hispanic women", Obesity (Silver Spring), May 2013.

Pure water

Drinking water is necessary not only to fill the stomach. The choice of drink affects the choice of dishes: so, with soda, most people consume fatty foods, and not a light salad. And having chosen water, you, most likely, prefer vegetables and low-calorie food.

R. Grumman Bender "7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Trick Yourself Into Eating Healthier", Yahoo Health, November 2014.

Text: Ekaterina Novikova
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